Existing programmes (Guide)

Sidst opdateret: May 8, 2018

The new Accreditation Act from 1 July 2013 introduces a number of changes which, among other things, affect guidance and application deadlines.

You can keep up-to-date on accreditation guidance, the approval of existing higher education programmes and application deadlines on this page.

The Accreditation Act, which came into force on 1 July 2013, created a need for a new guide to the accreditation of existing programmes at higher education institutions.

Read the guide for accreditation of exixsting programmes  (Word)

Read the guide for accreditation of exixsting programmes  (PDF)


Former guides

There were still some programmes in the process of accreditation under the former accreditation system when the new law came into force.

The accreditation of and decisions made about these programmes will be carried out in accordance with the former accreditation system and in pursuance of the guides that were current at the time accreditation was applied for.

In the professional and vocational area, this involves existing programmes that were included in the rota plan up to and including the seventh round, for which the application deadline was May 2013, as well as any supplementary accreditation of these programmes.

Where universities are concerned, this involves existing programmes for which applications were forwarded up to and including 1 July 2013, as well as any re-accreditation of these programmes.

Application procedure

Our application module makes it possible for central staff at higher education institutions to establish applications for the accreditation of new and existing programmes. Once an application has been established it can be shared with other contributors.

The application module can at present only handle applications from universities that were previously listed under ACE Denmark’s accreditation area. A new version of the application module, which will cover higher education institutions of all types under the Danish Accreditation Institution’s accreditation area, is being prepared for launching at the end of 2013.

Universities must use the application module to upload a documentation report, supplementary material and covering letter. Part 2 of the Guide (Programme information) must also be filled in in the application module.

The application module collects files and entries in a single application.

If there are any questions or comments regarding the application module, the reader is welcome to contact:

Jan Vernholm Groth

Senior Advisor

Contact for Professional, Vocational and Maritime Institutions

Christel Sølvhjelm

Senior Advisor

Contact for Universities and Educational Institutions of Arts and Culture

Lars Pedersen

Senior Advisor