New programmes

Sidst opdateret: May 8, 2018

The procedure for establishing new programmes under the new accreditation system depends on the accreditation status of the education institution in question.

The new accreditation system introduces a number of changes that influence the procedure for establishing new programmes at the individual higher education institutions. The following is a description of the possible procedure for this and you can keep up-to-date with the latest lists of applications for new programmes on this page.


The following is an overview of the possible procedures for establishing new programmes.

If the institution has received:

  • Positive institutional accreditation: the institution will be able to establish new programmes and offer new local provisions of programmes once they have been pre-qualified and approved
  • Conditionally positive institutional accreditation or an institution that has not as yet undergone the procedure of institutional accreditation: in addition to pre-qualification under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, all new programmes and local provisions of programmes must be accredited before they can be established.
  • Refusal of institutional accreditation: the education institution cannot establish new programmes or new local provisions of programmes.

The former system

The accreditation process for new programmes for which applications were submitted during the application rounds that had deadlines before the new Accreditation Act came into force on 1 July 2013, will be accredited in pursuance of the previous accreditation system and the former guide. This applies to universities and the professional and vocational areas.

Further procedure at the Danish Agency for Higher Education

If a programme receives positive accreditation, the Accreditation Council will recommend the following programme specifications to the Danish Agency for Higher Education:

  • The subsidy-related grading of the programme (taximeter rate)
  • The programme title/designation
  • Admission requirements for the programme – only applies to bachelor programmes
  • The admitted and prescribed study period for the programme
  • A possible stipulation of the maximum intake for the programme

Contact for accreditation of new programmes

Mia Holm Bech

Accreditation Officer